Calming Collection

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When days are rough, this calming collection will give your loved ones a sense of serenity. It’s a gift of solace; it contains eight pieces that can soothe their nerves, relax their minds, and ease their burdens, even just for an hour or two. It’s a perfect present for a family member or a friend dealing with stress, anxiety, trauma, or any mental or emotional distress. The calming collection contains:

  • cashmere blanket scarf for a sense of warmth & embrace
  • experiential coloring journal to take their minds off things for awhile
  • colored pencils to enjoy the coloring book & journaling
  • sleep tea blend made with relaxing chamomile and valerian root 
  • portable tea infuser  for bringing their soothing tea anywhere
  • handheld massager to relax their body whenever they feel overwhelmed
  • weighted silk sleep mask for an uninterrupted & well-rested snooze
  • aromatherapy dough infused with cedarwood & lavender to relieve their stress

The collection includes short instructions on how to use & best enjoy each element. You can also write a quick message to the recipient, and we’ll print it & put it inside the package. Through this calming collection & a sweet note, you can make your loved one’s day better.