• in a chaotic world everyone is looking for a little bit of solace


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Receiving a Solace box in the mail is so special. Each item in the box was so thoughtful and heartfelt. It really lifted my spirits. After seeing the box I sent one to a friend who immediately texted me when she received it and said it made her feel taken care of. These gifts are like a warm hug.


Solace is the perfect name for this beautiful product. The packaging and contents are lovely. My favorite item is the soft shawl. It feels like a hug:)


What a wonderful and thoughtful surprise! My dear friends sent me this inspirational care package after completing 6 months of chemo. It made my day!


The gift set was a perfect fit for my aunt who has been selflessly and tirelessly taking care of my uncle and grandfather who have been sick. I know she is navigating her own difficult emotions as well, and the products were very appropriate for her situation. She was so grateful and enjoyed the package very much.


My beloved cat passed away and my sister sent me a Solace gift. It was beautiful. I love the wrap, tea and infuser. It was a wonderful and unexpected gift.


"Use your voice for kindness,

your ears for compassion,

your hands for charity,

your mind for truth,

and your heart for love."